Wellness Getaway with Chef Skai

7aab37_db239bcc84af448fb16b7af757fb05b8Chef Skai Juice has been hosting wellness getaways since 2009 and she has mastered the art of balancing a wellness component with a fun vacation tour. She offers a unique and affordable healthy Puerto Rico vacation. These small intimate runaways are limited to a minimum of 2 people and a max of 8 people at a time with a minimum of five days and four night trips. During this time you have the opportunity to take that break, enjoy the beach, hike on the trails in the magnificent El Yunque Rainforest, and eat deliciously tempting healthy meals prepared by Chef Skai!




Skai’s wellness getaways is an awesome opportunity for you to stay with Chef Skai Juice and family in their comfortable Puerto Rican casita right in the heart of Luquillo, Puerto Rico surrounded by the Rainforest and one of Puerto Rico’s most beautiful beaches, El Balneiario Montseratte. You can select what type of dietary exploration you would like to experience….from: Juicing, Raw Vegan, Cooked Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Ketogenic and Coconut Water Fasting. Her emphasis is on sharing this high energy way of life… simple, whole, high green and always delicious foods, daily physical activity slathered with lots of joy and positivity.

Your Royal Package includes:

You can also upgrade to the Majestic Package your experience with the addition of:

Your Royal Package: $185 per person per night

Your Majestic Package: $245 per person per night

You have decided to take a unique opportunity to spend time with one of the best Vegan, Vegetarian, and Raw Chefs on the Planet. Skai’s mission is to help you create a healthier and more abundant life. She does so through her sincere and passionate personality and her value system where everyone should be able to come to Paradise and enjoy a healthy lifestyle experience.

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